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Anil Majmudar

I'm Anil Majmudar, a visual artist based in Ahmedabad. My art is shaped by diverse themes, concepts, and ideas drawn from my life. In my practice, I tackle the challenges of illustrating the ubiquitous struggles inherent in social interaction while delving into the formal aspects of my art.

I studied at CN Collage of Fine Arts in Ahmedabad and further developed my skills as a printmaker at MSU Fine Arts. In the early years of my career, I visually brought to life profound childhood memories with intricately detailed descriptive figurative works. However, a recent shift in my approach has led me to embrace a more formal yet abstract expression of myself.

Hampi is one of the most important sites in India and remains a vibrant center of culture and spirituality. In Hampi, the timeless charm of its landscape invites visitors to lose themselves in its magical charm and timeless beauty.  During my residency at Hampi Art Lab, I am keen to unravel its different layers pertaining to geographical, historical, cultural, and architectural dimensions through my art.

I am committed to pushing the boundaries of my practice, challenging previous norms, and exploring unconventional ways of creating artworks. My artistic journey serves as a testament to my dedication to the exploration of the human experience, transcending the boundaries of traditional mediums and paving the way for a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the world we live in.

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