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Asif Imran

Asif Imran (b. 1996) has completed his BFA and MFA in Applied Art from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, 2018 and 2020 respectively. He was selected for the prestigious KCC Art Fellowship in 2020-21. His works have been exhibited in various group shows including India Art Fair, Kochi Student Biennale, KCC Art Fellowship outcome, and Rekindled Spirits Group Show. He has received prestigious fellowships and grants including Kolkata Centre for Creativity Art Fellowship 2020-21, Goonj Fellowship 2022-23, and Hyundai India Foundation ‘Art For Hope' Grant 2022. Asif was awarded the Tacita Dean Award by Art Incept, Abir 1st take by Abir India, Next Breed Critic's Choice Award by Nippon Contemporary in 2021.


Asif’s art practice focuses on drawing, illustration, design, and photography. Through his art, he aims to portray the culture and heritage of rural landscapes. He finds inspiration in the colours, textures, and stories of his surroundings. The primary themes that he explores in his art are the disparities between urban and rural standards of living. In addition to urban settings, Asif  draws inspiration from rural constructions and seamlessly incorporates them into his art. His work is a fusion of the tensions, affections, fears, and everyday experiences that make up life's tapestry.  Through a series of works, he aims to showcase architectural and structural elements in motion, employing overlapping and juxtaposition techniques to present multi-layered images and forms. His art reveals the differences and interconnections between urban structures and socio-political aspects across various geographic locations.

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