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Madhavi Gore

Madhavi works with painting, drawing, craft, and live art and performance to generate modes of questioning through encounters with objects, material, site, body and beings. Her artistic research looks at the nuanced languages of color, mark, process, and performativity,  a way to articulate expressions of care, love, joy, and freedom beyond borders. Intuition becomes a large part of the process. She sees her artworks as contemporary artifacts and records of movements in time.

Madhavi is a founding member of the HH Art Spaces in Goa, India, est 2014, which fosters an ethos of collaborations, residencies, and interdisciplinary exchanges with a focus on live art and performance. As a cultural practitioner, She assumes the position of a catalyst/participant, working within the rigors and rhythms of the collective spirit, as also within moments of play and pause in sustained solitary states.

Madhavi has an M.A Humanities, 2004, Comparative Culture Studies, Ohio State University; a B.A History hons., 1996, St Xaviers College, Mumbai. She studied Fine Art at various institutions: 1996, Mary Baldwin College, Virginia; 1997 Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda; 1998 Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, and 1999 Maryland Institute College of Art,

Baltimore. She has exhibited in: 2023, Zero to Hundred, HH Art Spaces, Goa; 2022, Haze, the Elpis Foundation, Milan, and Spectrum festival, Rumelange, Luxembourg; 2021, A Line Fine, Clownfishh Projects, Goa; 2021, Surface Encounters and Strange Beings, HH Art Spaces, Goa; 2020, The Eastern Question, Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria; 2019, Production and Research with Nikhil Chopra Studios, for Lands Waters and Skies, The MET Museum, New York City, and, Forte Festival, Portugal, and, Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan, with HH Art Spaces; 2017, Bhairav, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, and, Drawing a Line Through Landscape, production, research, and performance collaboration, with Nikhil Chopra Studios, Documenta 14; 2016, Performance Art Platform, Teertha, Colombo; 2016, Feedback Loop, Tarq Contemporary Art Gallery, Mumbai; 2015, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival; 2012 Non-Resident in collaboration with Christina Zuck, Grüntaler9, Berlin; 2011, Mine Blau, Berlin.

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