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Ceramic Workshop Equipment

The ceramic workshop functions as a communal space where artists have the freedom to experiment with clay, manifesting their creative visions. Occupying an area of 1300 square feet, this workshop is comprehensively outfitted with pottery wheels, a kiln, a slab roller, and a variety of tools suitable for both pottery and sculpture.​

1. Skutt Kiln KM – 818

Temperature - Cone10, 1285C

Opening - 17.5 X 17.5 inches

Depth - 18 inches

2. Shimpo RK55 wheel

Wheel head size – 10 inches

3. Shimpo RK3E wheel

Wheel head size – 12 inches

4. Rema SR-30 slab roller

Table size – 30 X 50 inches

Max slab – 3 inches

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Printmaking Workshop Equipment

The printmaking workshop covers an area of approximately 1000 sq ft and is furnished with both a lithography press and an etching press, along with all necessary tools for resident artists' utilization. Moreover, artists have the opportunity to delve into screen printing and other techniques with the aid of the darkroom and exposure unit for their convenience.

1. Etching press

Bed size – 36 X 60 inches

2. Lithography press

Bed size – 32 X 60 inches

3. Screen printing exposure unit

with vacuum pump

Size – 24 X 36 inches

4. Printmaking hot plate

Size – 24 X 48 inches

5. Screen printing frame small

Size – 14 X 18 inches

6. Screen printing frame big

Size – 17 X 22 inches

7. Hand brayers of assorted sizes

8. Screen printing squeezes of assorted sizes & Viscosity roller

3D Printing Equipment

1. Elegoo Saturn Ultra

Build volume – 218.88 X 122.88 X 260 mm3

A/V Workshop

The audio-video workshop is equipped with high-end desktops featuring powerful CPUs and graphics cards, ideal for intensive tasks such as audio and video editing, as well as 3D modeling and animation. Additionally, it houses an A0 printer that artists can use to print out their references.

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