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Pooja Ranvir
Pooja Ranvir
Workshops Assistant

I am an artist from Vijaynagar Hampi, Karnataka. As a self-taught artist, there is no end to my versatility. Without the confines of traditional training, I've embraced experimentation, allowing my art to evolve organically. I have experimented with and am proficient in various mediums like Graphite, acrylics, oils, scrap metals, watercolors, mixed media, and pottery. From the initial struggles
to the moments of breakthrough, my work reflects a genuine exploration of artistic expression. The absence of formal education adds a distinctive flavor to my creations, showcasing the authenticity and resilience of a self-guided artistic path. Living in a close-knit community like Hampi provides a unique blend of tranquility and communal spirit. Surrounded by the rich historical and natural tapestry of the region, everyday life becomes intertwined with the vibrant local culture.

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