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Shivu Mahesh
Shivu Mahesh
Workshops Manager

Shivu Kaparthi Mahesh is a ceramic and visual artist from Bangalore, India. He primarily works with clay but also dabbles with other mediums such as light, sound, and 3D animation in conjecture to create a unique dialogue and experience. Wheel-thrown and altered elements make up most of his sculptural installation paired with an earthy and rustic glaze treatment. In recent times he has been experimenting with 3d printing along with clay through performative installations.

He comes from a family of businessmen who have successfully been running a provision store for the past 150 years in the heart of Bangalore. Thereby exposed to people from all over the country with different backgrounds in the name of trade. Always fascinated with the various kinds of personalities he meets; he attempts to record and incorporate his findings in his work and share experiences of living in such a culturally rich environment

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